Enter payment for 1 Independent Medical Validation

Use the button to the left to access our secure Payment Gateway with the Authorize.NET company and enter your payment information. You will be charged $250 for 1 Independent Medical Validation.

After your payment you it will show you an 11-digit transaction ID (and EMAIL it to you also).

Then go back to Zeusclaim and at the bottom of the patient’s SOAP Note Screen click the [Request IMV] button .

On that IMV request screen in ZEUSCLAIM enter the 11 digit transaction ID into the field where you normally enter the credit card number.

It WILL accept the payment that way and the IMV will be submitted.

If you still have problems, after your payment call us at 727-466-0716 or email support@zeusclaim.com to let us know for which patient/visit date this IMV was requested, and we’ll get it on the way.