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The Personal Injury & EHR Challenge

Are you aware that the guidelines for processing private health insurance and Medicare claims differ drastically from personal injury and auto accident claims? In fact, the data required is so different that you need two different electronic health records.

Electronic Health Record Systems are based on stringent government, “Center for Medicare Service” guidelines,  but auto insurance companies are independent, 3rd party, “commercial” insurers and they created software programs as Colossus that operate on a different set of guidelines outside private insurance and Center For Medicare Service Guidelines.


The Solution

We are excited to make a vital announcement to empower personal injury practitioners to collect maximum reimbursement because your documentation meets the auto insurance company’s expectations. After seven (7) years of real world testing, we release Zeusclaim, a personal injury EMR solution to prevent insurance companies, adjusters and IME’s from disputing, denying and challenging your clinical findings and to eliminate varying opinions on your accident patients’ treatments or fees.

Zeusclaim has strategic partners who have come together to make this available as an add-on to their current systems and to bring it to the profession at an affordable rate.(see our list of partners).

Zeusclaim has partnered with many EHR Companies to bring you this emerging technology solution to overcome the challenges in a personal injury, commercial, insurer, Colossus claim.

We Rethought Everything


Personal Injury/ Colossus Core Competence

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Satisfaction Or You Pay Nothing

Overall Increase In Your Personal Injury Business


Transformation Of Core Competence

Transforming your personal injury business from one where adjusters and IME’s dispute, deny and omit your claim factors to preventing unfair claims acts, eliminate varying opinions and increasing settlement valuation by an average of 4.5 times is what you can expect as you add-on Zeusclaim.

Repositioned From the Inside Out

Because this personal injury EMR integrates with your practice management software, you avoid double entry. The personal injury template saves you time and money and reduces missing “Decision Point” elements and sources of errors. This new function automatically compiles and organizes: the degree of whole person impairments; DRE categories; DBI categories; Specific Disorders Of  The Spine’, Spine Impairment Summary and references AMA guide edition, chapter, table and page to establish the greater weight of the evidence, eliminate varying opinions and include commercial insurer guidelines and Colossus “Decision Points” that have been missing.

Real World Tested and Proven Effective

Auto insurers bypassed the government Medicare and private insurer guidelines and created their own Colossus system with guidelines known as “Decision Points” with over 67,000 different factors used by all the commercial auto insurers today. You can meet the private insurance and Medicare guidelines and still totally miss the personal injury Colossus guidelines. As a result, your reimbursement is disputed, denied or limited because you haven’t met the auto accident Colossus guidelines.

This has put our partners’ personal injury clients at risk. To overcome such conflicts, we have tested Zeusclaim on real world application for seven (7) years and through the partner program, Zeusclaim high value technology is now available as an add-on to counter Colossus & unfair claims practices, prevent insurer and IME disputes, denials and claim factor omissions and eliminate varying opinions.


  • Increased Attorney Referrals 60% 60%
  • Increase Settlement Valuation 100% 100%
  • Elimination Of Varying Adjuster Opinions 90% 90%
  • Increased Personal Injury Business 75% 75%

The Results Were Amazing

Thanks to the collaboration with our partners, Zeusclaim is now available as an add-on to our partner EHR Systems. This brings you an advanced personal injury EMR emerging technology solution to overcome the challenges to meet language barriers, different specifications of formats, sequencing and varieties of categorizations in a personal injury, commercial, insurer, Colossus claim and incorporate  the Decision Point guidelines. You will increase settlement valuation, help attorneys overcome common litigation obstacles, gain visibility, momentum and increased overall respect in your medical-legal community which leads to more new personal injury referrals and business.


This add-on allows your personal injury findings to be translated efficiently and prevent Decision Points from being missing or interpreted differently. It speeds communication and enhances case claim value with insurers because you are speaking their language.

We Rethought Everything In Personal Injury

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