1. Watch this 3-minute ZEUSCLAIM audio introduction by Dr. Frank Liberti:

There are 3 ways that Zeusclaim overcomes Colossus


1. Knowledge of the triggering factors for case claim valuation.

2. Establishing the preponderance of the evidence.

3. The attorney demand letter generated with ZEUSCLAIM matches closely (mirrors) the vital medical factors from your SOAP notes, as required by Colossus.

2. Download (and print) the ZEUSCLAIM Quickstart Guide

Download the 7-page ZEUSCLAIM Quickstart Guide

You will be using this guide for orientation throughout the key points you will be viewing during the Software Test-Drive video below.

3. ZEUSCLAIM Test Drive

You can watch this video in a full-screen mode by clicking the [] icon in the bottom right corner of the video. Press [Esc] to exit full-screen.

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