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Zeus Utilizes a Superior Level "Injury Model" Examination

The AMA charges the injury practitioner to perform the “Injury Model” Examination. This eliminates adjuster disputes as it follows case law and establishes the preponderance of evidence-based data.

Decision Support (DSS) System Gives Zeus Users the Colossus Advantage

Colossus can make 600 medical decisions. Only Zeus matches the Colossus decisions giving the Chiropractor the support like having a medical team in your practice to make decisions with you.

Zeus is a Search Engine to Tag Colossus "Decision Points" that Otherwise Go Missing

Insurers created Colossus with 67,880 “Decision Points” that are not included in Medicare record systems. Zeus uncovers  the Decision Points and assembles them in the correct sequence to add valuation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still use my current EHR?
Yes, you are free to use your current EHR’s on all patient visits, however you will use also Zeus on the intial visit and the final discharge visit. On the first visit,  you will capture the patients initial DUD’s, LOE’s, ADL’s, symptoms and complaints. These will later be compared to discharge symptoms. Then at discharge, Zeus is used to perform the “Injury Model” 1191M Impairment Rating by Attending Physician, Standard 1-3 Body Parts, Done at Discharge. The records sent to attorneys will include the first and last visit Zeus records. The last visit record replaces the narrative.
Is Zeus a SOAP Note system?
No. It is a recording of “Triggering Factors” which are the only factors of the injury claim the adjuster is permitted to accept and input into Colossus for valuation.

Attorney’s Aaron DeShaw and Steven Burris have stated since the advent of the insurers “Business Process Improvement” with Colossus, that S.O.A.P. notes are inadmissable in a Colossus claim. Today, only Triggering Factors can be input for valuation and attorneys must “mirror” the trigerring factors in their demand and narratives are no longer admissable. They further state that this is a stupid rule and that most chiropractors and attorneys are unaware of this and the new Table format required.

Does Zeus replace my narrative?
Yes. Narratives are no longer admissable. This comes as a shock to many, including attorneys. Colossus requires “Table Formatting” listing each impairment plus  the edition, chapter, table and page of the AMA guide that was used in the determination of the WPI. Zeus is programmed with the Decision Support (DSS) System Syetem to automatically calcuate the WPI and assemble the table format for you.
Is Zeus difficult to learn and use?
Zeus is an accelerated personal injury program, but for those who take the time to learn it, the rewards arte unheralded.

Colossus is programmed to make 600 medical decisions and is based on its own set of 67,880 Decision Points. This makes it difficult for any practitioner to navigate without the help from a high technology P.I. upgrade record system.

We have simplified the process for you as Zeus is in a prestigious class of only a  few highly acclaimed software’s programmed with a Decision Support (DSS) System. The Zeus DSS system  mirrors the 600 medical decisions Colossus makes to give you the advantage and comfort that is like having a team of medical supervisors’ right in your office to help you. You don’t have to do all the work alone and that your standard EHR is not programmed for.

You no longer have to accept adjuster and IME disputes, denials and you can protect your patient’s against unfair claims practices. Your patient’s, their attorney’s and you will receive unheralded rewards for your efforts in advancing your practice to this high technology system.

Chiropractors using Zeus can become the #1 referral source among the attorneys in their medical-legal communities.

Why do I need Zeus if I have an EHR System?
Unfortunately all the good work and intentions in creating EHR’s have been dealt an unfair blow by insurers when it comes to P.I. with the creation of Colossus and “Business Process Improvement”. This is basically the insurers method of creating their own system outside Medicare Guidelines. The insureres  are independent, 3rd party providers and are not bound by Medicare Guidelines. Those who understand this and know how Colossus operates, realize they need an advanced system designed to counter Colossus beyond standard EHR’s. That is why Zeus is being embraced by P.I practitioners as an add-on to their EHR programs.

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